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Ashen Wolf is an extrasensory psychic, born with the ability to see auras, portals and beings. From a young age, she was able to communicate with the multidimensional world using all five claire-senses. This led to the work she does today, using her abilities to look through the vortexes of her eyes, deeply into people, to help guide them into the higher level of consciousness known as the heart space.

Ashen is a extrasensory coach of heart space consciousness. She brings people back to the awareness that your body is never separate from Earth. In reality, we are deeply connected to it.

We don't just live on the Earth, all of our systems both internal and external were created from the Earth herself and  through and by extension the universe. Your nervous system, emotional body and physical body are all extensions of Mother Earth, your consciousness and that of this planet’s are one and the same. There is a law of action and creation that teaches us that we can co-create whatever we want both for our lives and for our planet.

If you have been living from a place of hurt, however comfortable or uncomfortable you may be with that, or even living from a place of hopelessness, desperately seeking a better way, know that Ashen can create the doorway for you to walk through, right into your new life. Ashen can build a portal of energy to welcome you with, finding the patterns and trapped emotions that have been holding you back. She will hold your hand as she creates an opening for you to become more than you ever thought possible, by reconnecting you with your own sense of power. To do this, you must journey into a deeper level of conscious awareness, become present, grounded and base your thoughts, actions and responsibility for your life in reality. There are multidimensional levels of Earth and Ashen is the doorway to take you into the fifth dimensional consciousness of humanity's conscious connective grid.

We live in an interdependent Universe, and you cannot isolate yourself into change.

If changing your life is what you desire, you must seek out the resources you need to become the greatest version of yourself.

With every breath she takes, Ashen is committed to being that resource and most especially, to helping humanity awaken to love and unity. Her heart beats with yours already, she is with you, you are her family. Together you can achieve the freedom and healing you are needing.


In 2016, Ashen created an intentional online community, which now has over 3,700 members. This is a wonderful, supportive, healing space where like minded individuals can find community, so they need not feel alone in the world. It is free to join, you can do so here. There are also some free resources on this website to get you started on your healing journey. You can find these here.

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Shamanism is the practice of trans state healing, channeling and transmutation. Shamans provide a space for bridging the gap between the physical world and the etheric realms.

Find out more about Ashen's different methods of emotional integration: Parts Work and Completion Process.

Hypnotherapy is a tool of communication between the subconscious mind and the conscious mnd in order to create a specific desired outcome, find out more about how it works and how hypnosis therapy can work for you.

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