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Welcome to the Lush Hearts Blossoming Base center, Ashen Wolf is an Extrasensory Psychic, born with a hyper sensitive nervous system and an ability to see auras, portals, beings and communicate with the multidimensional world on all five Clair senses and beyond. Ashen is known for her ability to see into people and deeply pull them into her heart space through the vortexes of her eyes. She will build a portal of energy to welcome you with, she will find all patterns and emotions holding you back and she will hold your hand as she creates an opening for you to create all you desire to integrate and become more than you ever thought possible, she turns you back in the direction of your own sense of power. If you have been hurting, comfortably uncomfortable or even hopeless, seeking more to your life know that there is a doorway available for you to walk through and Ashen was born to be that doorway. Ashen is a teacher of the heart space she brings you back to the awareness and connection of your body being a part of the earth, being connected to the earth we are the earth! We don't just live on the earth all of our system internal and external have been born from the earth herself your nervous system, emotional system and body is an extension of the earth your consciousness is one and the same and there is a law of action and creation that says you can co-create whatever you want for your life and this earth. You must journey into a deeper level of conscious awareness, become present, grounded and base your thoughts actions and responsibility for your life in reality. There are multidimensional levels of earth and Ashen is a doorway to take you into the 5D consciousness of humanity's conscious connective grid an extension of the earth herself. This is an interdependent universe and we cannot isolate yourself into change, you must  seek out the resources you need to become your greatest version. Ashen is committed in every breath she takes to be that resource and help humanity awaken to love and unity because she is alive to the knowing that we are all connected and she feels the pain of every being in existence her heart beats with you already, she is with you, you are her family and it is her hope that you take advantage of her free resources and content, interact with her and help build the Lush Hearts Blossoming community so that no one ever feels alone again.


Shamanism is the practice of trans state healing, channeling and transmutation. Shamans provide a space for bridging the gap between the physical world and the etheric realms.


Find out more about Ashen's different methods of emotional integration: Parts Work and Completion Process.

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Discover Ashen's coaching practices that are designed to support you whilst providing accountability to empower you so that you may embody your best possible self.

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