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completion process facilitator 

What is the completion process ?

The completion process was created by Teal Swan , it is a revolutionary tool for trauma work . We all have trauma and trauma is the root cause of all troubles in your life all aliments and everything out of alignment. The process understands that in moments of trauma we can't process a situation and therefore trauma is simply a stored part of our awareness still unprocessed stuck inside us in the form of potential energy. We need to learn to be with our emotions and with our triggers. This process takes you into your current emotional triggers with emotional presence and validation and then from there we let you feel everything and follow the feeling like jelly bringing up your childhood memory related to your current day upset. Completion process works with childhood memories from ages womb-10 for very good reasons. We have not developed the part of our brain that allows us to form reasoning and understanding until later in childhood development , age ten and under is the basis and root of trauma for our entire adult lives and so we work with the inner child to find resolution which integrates all trauma that came afterwards, this is your journey back to wholeness. 


What makes me the right choice for you?

During my journey of doing this process on myself and others, I have discovered and witnessed something profound when the work done is to the highest quality, it can do the job of 4 or 5 or 10 completion process sessions in one go!

This is the work I know how to do and the work of depth and quality I am equipped and committed to doing for others. If you work with me you will find, the depth of my love, passion for this work, my deep ability to provide containment as well as motherly nourishing energy. I know how to find a deep sense of resolution and feel prepared to deal with any level of PTSD.



"Discovering Ashen Wolf is like hitting the jackpot, but instead of gaining financial wealth you are finding something infinitely more valuable than any amount of money or material possession in this world. She will help you transform your life. The level of attunement I have experienced with Ashen in our sessions is unlike anything I have experienced. She knows exactly where to lead you through completion process or parts work to get the absolute most out of a session, and afterwards I am left feeling amazed at how beautifully the process unfolded, with a deep sense of relief and resolution with whatever issue we were delving into. I feel so incredibly blessed to have the opportunity to work with Ashen. The value of what she has to offer the world is next level and I would recommend her to anyone ready to face their shadows and step into a life of alignment, freedom, joy, and expanded possibility."

"Ashen is the best completion process practitioner that I ever received help from. She is a kind soul who genuinely wants to be there to help. She made me feel safe even when I had parts that hated women from emotional abuse from my mother as a child. She sat with those parts and fostered trust, trust that no other practitioner has ever given me. Her ability to contain is outstanding and it is easy for me to go into the parts I have, that come up during our sessions. She doesn’t rush through the process and she allows me to take my time, which relieves the pressure of having to do it quickly. I feel her presence with me and it’s soothing amongst all the chaos around me. She gives great advice and helps me to understand things. I would recommend Ashen to anyone and everyone!"

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"Ashen is one of the best completion process facilitators I've ever used. She is extremely intuitive and I found that she could understand me and my parts much better than I could myself. She is also extremely patient and compassionate. I found that I could tell her things I was too ashamed to tell other practitioners and she held no negative judgement towards me at all, only kindness. She held space for me in the most profound way so that I could be truly vulnerable. I would highly recommend working with her."

"Anyone who is sick of therapy and looking to heal from past trauma and function in life more towards a place of self-love, please work with Ashen. Throughout the past few years, Ashen has guided me through multiple sessions where she has implemented this healing process, involving a lot of memory work and soul retrieval/shadow work. She is an amazing guide who helps you discover all of the parts/aspects of yourself that have been well hidden from your present consciousness, yet affecting you so deeply throughout life in ways you haven’t thought of before. Ashen definitely has a gift and is much wiser and knowledgeable beyond her years. It is almost like she visualizes a map of every aspect/shadow and how its roads lead to certain thoughts, feelings, behaviors, and choices. While exploring these things, Ashen is not afraid to tell you like it is whenever necessary and will help you uncover the truth to how each dynamic actually plays out in your life and which aspects/shadows are actually causing each problem at the core and what beliefs and/or self-destructive patterns of thoughts/behavior are at play. Overall, she follows completion process flawlessly, yet maintains her very own style and essence unique to her. I have been witnessing her guide me with greater skill each time I am able to work with her again. She is also skilled at validating and comforting from a genuine perspective, even while journeying thru the most traumatic past events from early life with you. Her love she gives feels endless and also genuine. She’s just so intuitive and creative with her work, as well. I feel her bright, magnetic, and healing energy with each interaction I have with her. Ashen is my only choice when it comes to anyone attempting to try and help me heal from all of my trauma and eventually learn to love myself. I try to see her as often as I can, because I seriously feel the healing effects each session provides. She is so skillful at guiding you through to the truth of things and helps you stay present and not deflect. One final point, this definitely beats your average therapy or counseling session. Final Thought: On a business side of things, she is EXTREMELY fair, approachable, and so easy to work with during the payment and scheduling process. I’ll say it again, she’s amazing in so many ways. Thanks for everything Ashen!! ❤️"

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