completion process facilitator 

What is the completion process ?

The completion process was created by Teal Swan , it is a revolutionary tool for trauma work . We all have trauma and trauma is the root cause of all troubles in your life all aliments and everything out of alignment. The process understands that in moments of trauma we can't process a situation and therefore trauma is simply a stored part of our awareness still unprocessed stuck inside us in the form of potential energy. We need to learn to be with our emotions and with our triggers. This process takes you into your current emotional triggers with emotional presence and validation and then from there we let you feel everything and follow the feeling like jelly bringing up your childhood memory related to your current day upset. Completion process works with childhood memories from ages womb-10 for very good reasons. We have not developed the part of our brain that allows us to form reasoning and understanding until later in childhood development , age ten and under is the basis and root of trauma for our entire adult lives and so we work with the inner child to find resolution which integrates all trauma that came afterwards, this is your journey back to wholeness. 


What makes me the right choice for you?

I love so deeply, I have a huge heart full of strength , I can bring a strong protective energy , a motherly nourishing energy, and a deep softness to the process. I know my stuff and have been using this process on myself and with facilitators for 4 years now. I absolutely excel at leading this process, I can get you into your emotions if you are resistant , and I have worked with all types of traumas including sexual abuse and cult abuse, so no matter how deep your wounding is I will take you deep into it bringing you to wholeness and integration.