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Frequently Asked Questions


Please contact me at for more inquiries.

01 How to book a session with Ashen?

To sign up for a session package or program just use the booking form on booking page.




02 Are the sessions confidential?

Yes. Please read more about ethical policies here.




03 How do one on one sessions work?

Ashen does them through Skype, Facebook or Zoom. She uses her extra-sensory abilities in a reading and shamanic tools and coaching practices: Sessions are booked in time packages. The prices are not per service but per time packages. 




04 Can I receive a refund? 


Regularly you cannot receive a refund or terminate contract and will be held accountable for compensation. For special cases and situations I may consider partial refunds or termination of contract without penalty fee, penalty fees are always whatever has been unpaid from your original contract. 

05 What are your credentials?

- completed a Full 1:1 shamanic mentorship with a shaman from the Maori lineage in New Zealand 

- trained in Chinese medicine and energy healing for 3 years and completed certification with the Institut National de Médecine Chinoise

- born extrasensory 

- trained with Mariana fae, Tobias beharell, Joclyne Daher, Teal Swan,

- took courses from Gianna and Genieve Rackham, Amanda Frances, Krista Raisa, Christina Martine, Regan Hillyer 

- attended a certification program by Teal swan 

- have had facilitated completion process sessions administered by trained professionals regularly 


06 Where is Ashen's store?

Please check out store coming soon



07  What about medical intuition questions?

Ashen can read your current health state using her extra-sensory abilities and can also use shamanic energy and wai qi healing to help clear up energy blockages. However, please keep in mind that she is not a medical professional and not qualified to diagnose, treat or cure medical conditions.

08  Can you guarantee results ?


 Every client is responsible for their own results, as I am a facilitator and can only ever provide, change based on the level of commitment you have to your own results being put into action, I will be responsible for providing knowledge to a doorway to your heart however ultimately you must walk through on your own. I will provide support, accountability, presence, love, energy healing, coaching and much more. The results of my past clients that you have seen reviews from are an example of what my programs are capable of providing you with as long as you bring your own determination to back up that work.

09  Can I apply to a waitlist for future programs that are already in progress or are finished for the year?


Yes you can message me at any point to reserve your spot, I will have annually both the "Shamans Academy" and "Enter your heart space" Group programs running once a year each. 

10  Where can I learn more?


Ashen is making videos on many spiritual subjects. If you would like to learn more just subscribe to her You tube: Ashen wolf111DYy


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