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Free Event

Our Emotions are the most undervalued system there is and that includes those of us who are learning them. We as a society have advanced our minds (intelligence) we explore the minds as a society and the subject of the mind in psychology, things like meditation and expanding the mind or positive focus have become far more mainstream we are advancing in many groups and areas as a society in becoming more aware and conscious of our minds, though this is always a work in progress. 
We as a society are advancing our ability to care take and learn about our bodies through universities and endless social systems. Yet we have vastly underexplored, misinterpreted and overall ignored the GIFT of our emotional system. Even those of you
who are a part of group learnings and practices when it comes to our emotions have so much to learn because it is an endless subject to explore, we often aren't encouraged or supported in our life or social group to maintain these practices or given conducive supportive environments. 
My intelligence on this matter is a GIFT that I will share with you in this workshop event the 19th of November 11am EST.  
We will cover insight and study to the emotions, ways to practice them and information on what they are and how to use them to your benefit the very most. We will meet on: Zoom Meetings.

                                            SIGN UP BELOW AND WAIT FOR MEETING LINK TO BE SENT 24 HOURS BEFORE EVENT.