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We can start by exploring why it is important to work with your self concept and to get a deeper look how your self concept plays out in your daily life and learn how it is possible to build a healthier relationship with your self concept and sooth and build up your self concept to be in alignment with a good feeling sense of self or even a positive self image an integrated state of self love where we can make all parts of ourselves worthy of love and embrace our diversity.  My free workshop will take place Feb 26th at 11am EST on zoom, sign up to our news letter and the zoom link will be sent to you 24-48 hours prior to the event, make sure to add us into your contacts ( so it doesn't end up in your junk folder.


Now it is time to decide if you are brave enough to see yourself and face your life head on, it takes courage and it is not for the faint of heart. The most magic in our life comes from facing the pain head on.
What to expect?
Deep questions to formulate the landscape of your self concept through feeling, seeing, smelling, thought, hearing.
Parts work with Ashen 1:1 support in a group setting 
group support and group activities to form a better relationship with your self concept 

Hypnotherapy and shamanic journeying session to sooth your self concept and heal your self concept
Save your seat today we will be meeting on zoom limited spaces available! 

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