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Hypnotherapy is a tool that will use hypnosis a practice of altering the state of consciousness to take you closer to the subconscious mind while the conscious mind is still aware there is a bridge between the two that forms and this is where our work begins. Hypnotherapy can work with anything that the mind touches. Once in hypnosis we have many techniques we can use in order to create an experience of profound change in your subconscious mind, our subconscious mind is sending most of the signals to our daily choices, actions and things we do without even (consciously) thinking about it. Our subconscious holds how we see ourselves and the world around us so the ability to work with it alter it and shape it the way we know will serve us is powerful!

Hypnotherapy is successful in pain management, addiction, changing habits, helping study, self esteem, public speaking and so much more! Each session is completely unique and catered to your needs and there are endless types of tools hypnotherapy incorporates to make the session more effective for a specific goal.

I was trained by the INLP center as a hypnosis practitioner and an advanced hypnotherapist.


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