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Your done, playing small, your done being lost and confused, your done guessing what your purpose is and how it will manifest you want so badly for things in your life to change but you just don't know how to implement that in your field. Listen I've been there trying hard but not really feeling like I can really see the changes, feeling powerless and overwhelmed. I'm here today telling you it doesn't have to be this way a moment longer. Your dreams are big, because you my friend are monumental, your gift to this earth is huge and we need you to flourish, we need you to overcome your challenges and learn to fly. Join this: Master Class May 2nd 1pm EST replay available . This work shop is all about claiming your power, learning how to develop implementing choice in your life and overcoming your struggles to thrive, manifest and be your desires today. Listen, if your spinning a story that things wont change for you, you need the support to be here, let me give you a hint you weren't meant to do this all on your own that's why it feels so hard. This investment will catapult you into a new you, so lets move forward together! 

Where: Zoom meetings 

When : May 2nd 1pm EST


- the secrets to choice

- how to claim your power

- over come your challenges 

- create the life of your wildest dreams

- never before seen demo to help your learning 

- exercises

- Q & A


- Sharing what makes you feel futile as I help you shift into choice and solution

- creating a Power Story narrative

- collective channeling of futility within the group (I will work with this part)

- collective channeling of the groups inner power waiting to be unleashed

- FULL POWER activation

Early Bird pricing: 222USD until April 26th 

Then the price will go up to 333USD. 

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