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We have all been through so much in these past years, and sometimes we can be resistant to seeing how to feel better, sometimes finding ways to feel good at all can be impossible. Especially in the shadow work community, we are PRO at seeing our shadows and in any self developmental community its all about change and living a better life. We need to find a space to actually learn how to just feel good each and everyday as we are and practice feeling relief and joy. There are so many positive feeling states to be in and it can be hard to hold yourself accountable to making those choices.

This workshop is about actively feeling good and accessing things like, relief, optimism, curiosity, joy, happiness etc. 

We are going to start the workshop by talking about what beliefs or feelings hold us back from feeling and choosing to feel good each day. 

We are going to talk about what we want to be feeling and brain storming ways to implement that in our life. 

We are going to actively walk up the emotional ladder together and I'm going to each the group how to build up, expand positive emotions. 

We will have another group circle exercise in closing where we feel those things together in group and participate in everyone feeling good as they walk away. 

When: December 11th, 11am EST. 

Where: Zoom Meetings. 

Cost: 111CAD 

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