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Do you know what it means to become one with your life? 
My clients come in day in and day out and one thing I see from them universally is that they aren't committed to living their life fully. 
There are pieces missing, their life circumstances are out of alignment with their truth purpose and happiness. They are blocked from living the life of their dreams, their energy isn't in life and giving it all of them. Yes there is the emotions holding them back but its also their overall commitment to life. 

Most of all they don't see this is the case, or they don't feel capable to do anything about it.

I want to be your KEY. 

I want you to BECOME  LIFE. 

For me the vibration of living life to its fullest means I'm all in. I'm in it for the hard moments, I'm in it to push myself each day and I make becoming my life a priority in everything I am and all I am each and every day. 

I want to be your vibrational doorway to become LIFE. 

In this workshop we are going to dive into exercises regarding your fear, shame, and state of worth and power. Anything that holds you back from being in life.

we are going to clear out patterns and belief's holding you back from becoming the most of your life.

When: May 29th, 10am, 2022
Where: Zoom Meetings life time recording available 
Ticket: 111USD

Experience Ashen world renowned Workshops, where you will experience 1:1 moments and group consciousness exercises that will change you.
What makes Ashen workshops different, one of a kind, and world renowned is that as an extrasensory Ashen attunes to the energy of the group and leads the workshop personally teaching to the group energy. Her exercises aim at participation so that you don't feel like your alone watching a workshop but rather your getting a group consciousness experience where your in this together with your team mates .Ashen will personally take a look at your blocks and help you find clarity in your life.