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What Can Shamanic Ceremonies do for you?

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Shadow Work Shamans are now holding shamanic ceremonies and retreats in the West Island of Montréal and Sherbrook Quebec. Marie Lisa and Myself found a shared dream to bring the work we do together to our local community in a powerful way. We created Shamanic Ceremony experiences with both Shadow and Light as we work together like the Sun and the Moon, Yin and Yang.



Our Mission is to help you change your life in a multi layered experience.

 Ceremonial Grade Cocoa and refreshments served.

Next Ceremony: January, 24th, 2024 6pm-9pm Holistic Revelations Centre, Dorval 

Cost for Tickets: $100.00 tax included.


Shamanic Ceremony is using Ancient Shamanic techniques and knowledge has its own channel of energy healing (similar to Reiki or Quantum).

Within our next ceremony we will focus on calling in light codes through invocation of Your Soul's true essence for the purpose of manifesting your new years resolution. This will be a Elemental water ceremony on the first full moon of the new year.



We create an experience that allows for resolution in your life, we talk about physical action and change and we practice embodied exercises to create the composite experience and meet your needs in healing. This can look like circle sharing, dancing, breathwork or shaking and trauma release exercises, practicing vocalizing something and other exercises and activities that bring the experience into the physical experience you have with us to ground and stabilize the change of the spiritual into your life.


We work with Shadow awareness, whenever there is something you want to change in your life and it's not working there is always a thought or feeling that can take you away from that change you want. Our beliefs shape our reality and our beliefs are not always in reality. So we investigate and bring into awareness the reason behind this stuck area or wall in your life.

We use presence, validation, focusing and being in reality with the shadow in order to help shift it and understand it while providing the insight it needs.

We will be guiding you into an exploration of your subconscious mind through Shamanic Journeying.

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