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What is a part?

Parts work is a practice of understanding that we as humans have a large number of split selves or split personalities. This is because in childhood when we could not deal with stress in situations, we split from trauma into separate aspects of self, these selves had strategies in order to deal with the given situation. The problem is that today they are still stuck in those strategies that may just be the very things working against you today. 

Are you aware of the different voices in your head telling you things that don't feel good? Those are the voices of your split selves. Are you aware of how when one person walks into a room you change your personality and technique persona versus when a different group of people are around you than that person? These are your splits. They are unconscious aspects of self that come with their own perspective on the world, their own motives and desires and they oppose your other desires and motives. So essentially different aspects of you are the very thing working against the life you want because they are walking in one direction where as you want to go in another. With the law of attraction in mind its safe to say why the things you want won't come into your reality as long as parts of you don't want the same things and therefore you are holding a contrasting point of attraction and your actions, words and thoughts are mirror images of that contrast .

How do we do parts work?

Now that we understand what a part is, why it serves us to work with them, lets talk about what this work actually looks like. These streams of your consciousness are within you, so we start by channeling them. Once we bring them up we can work towards understanding them and approaching them with curiosity and like a good book we want to read but know nothing about .

We ask as many questions as possible and the one channeling the parts consciousness will intuitively let the answer come through them. 

We can ask them questions and based on the answers more questions we need to ask will become apparent. For example if we find out they have a desire for X, yet they are using strategy Y we need to know more about why they think this will serve them. You can speak to the part of you like a mirror where the facilitator takes on the part , or you can become the part and have a facilitator like myself work with it. It is really important to be good at finding resolution, which means to have ideas on how to help the part find a solution to how they see the world and the route of least resistance that may be more appealing to them. 

What Impact will parts work have on my life?

Parts work will leave you without confusion and stuckness, without internalized conflict, so that you may go for the life you want to live and feel a sense of wholeness, inner peace and stability in order to manage that. All the action you know you should be taking in your life but you are resistant to should now feel easier, and more like you just put one foot in front of the other instead of feeling like something dauntless and impossible to achieve you will find yourself a completely different person who is more aware and just doing the thing you need to do and being the person you desire to be and show up for. Its an amazing way to find a deeper sense of power freewill, work on your trauma and quiet those incessant thoughts.

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