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Shamanism is something that has always been apart of me. I always studied dreams, and animal medicine, I would  practice Ceremonies on the full moon, with friends and on my own. As an Extrasensory, experiencing the spirit world and the astral realm was something that has always  been apart of me; working as a Qigong instructor was where I first started really working with energy healing.


Shamanism is an ancient practice of altered states of consciousness, and of energy healing on a molecular level.
Shamanic practice uses physical sensation also using  the  transformation of energy with the presence of both magical and and visible powers, where the realm of eternity meets that of our temporal world.

Shamanic Practionner 

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 I am now a fully trained shaman, and I want to help you understand what that means. Shamans are both energy healers using, portals, calling of spirit guides and ancestors (working with) getting to altered states of consciousness for ceremonies, healing; in order to enter and work through the astral realm. My clairvoyance  is super helpful for this.

 Shamanism has been around for

25, 000 years or more, practiced by the Maori tribe of New Zealand, Mayans of Mexico, Native American Tribes and so many more all over the world, for centuries. Our mission as Shamans has always been to heal. 

Whether it be through transforming mental, spiritual, physical energy within a person, as well as emotional and etherical. 

Divination and having visions of past lives; also apart of Shamanic culture, have been coming to me for years now.

The passion for shamanism has been something i always wanted to pursue and so in May 2017 i started Training with Amber Flavia a healer and shaman I have been going to for years.

I even had memory upon meeting Amber in the physical, of a child hood "imaginary friend" I now know to be the astral connection to my soul sister. She trained with Shamans who have ancient insight in her homeland of New Zealand. 

My work is life changing as an extrasensory coach, I use shamanism as a tool, to aid me in helping you to integrate and grow, I leave my clients feeling limitless and I help them work through the blocks they are experiencing. Shamanism fundamentally intertwined with an understanding of nature and animals and communicating with and utilizing the energy of. I have always been a nature girl, I'm super connected to water as an extrasensory it makes me feel harmony for the frequency is so pure. I've always partially lived in the forests of our world. Shamanism also understands the natural portals of our world are special keys in which you can create even more powerful vortexes of energy. These portals are :sacred sites, ley lines, nature, and natural elements such as natural bodies of water, soil, fire and air. 

Shamans work with the elements and other technology such as herbal medicine, plant medicine, crystal healing, music, chanting, dance, and prayer.

Shamanic ceremony, is the main tool I use with my clients from my shamanic knowledge, it is a tool that universally ties in everything practical about the modalities of shamanism in one. Within a shamanic ceremony we use physical items to be portals, to raise the vibration of earth and bring you into a higher frequency we also use the magic of the elements, spirit guides, angels, ancestors, spirit guides, prayer, song, dance, instruments to raise the portals vibration as well as working with animal spirit guides. When we have a portal open we increase the energy with intention, shamanic energy healing, and we then can use the ceremony for manifestation energy harnessing,  awareness, experience, or working with the Quantum fields, timelines or creating a sacred event.

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