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Alchemy: process of transformation. Transforming/transmuting one thing into another.

Aspect: some aspect of you, possibly a past life connection or a soul connection.

Aura: The multiple layers of the electromagnetic field apart of the light body.

Core Belief: we all hold beliefs on what is true for us and the reality we perceive, core beliefs occur on the subconscious level of our brain and are thought repeatedly  throughout the day. in accordance with the law of attraction in serves our highest good to question and reprogram the  neuron pathways in our brain in accordance to new beliefs that would better serve your life.

Dimension: This is a multi dimensional universe, there are 12 octave frequency's just like the chromatic scale in music mimics and a 13th note that can be seen as void that connects to the next 12 octaves, for this reason there are 12 major dimensions and 12 octaves within each, and 12 octaves within that which in reality goes on forever.. each dimension holds a different vibration frequency , awareness and is governed by different laws that accord with this dimension.


Fragmentation: everyone has aspects of themselves that have split off into emotional selves that feel things differently than your core self due to perspective, and trauma that created split selves, these aspects hold unmet needs and emotional pain that needs to be addressed through presence and validation.


Higher self: the non physical aspect of your essence, the aspect of the soul that represents your purest aspect of the light being you are, that extends itself into the physical world, splitting first into the emotional body and then into mind and physical body.

Integration: the process of allowing your fragmented aspects to merge and become whole with your core self through the act of meeting unmet needs, presence and validation.

Kindred spirit: a soul who has incarnated and supported you in multiple lives and who has mostly been like your best friend.

Law of attraction: the universal law that governs the third dimension as real as gravity itself, states a mirror reality where you will attract like vibrations to you, your vibration can be based on how you feel the thoughts you think and physical alignment, you can shift your vibration on an emotional, mental and action based level. 

Mirror soulmate: a soulmate who shares the same life purposes, aspects and negative patterns or who mirrors your wounds and triggers.

Parts work: Parts work refers to the fragmentation within our consciousness and accessing these parts for integration.

Primary aura color: primary color in your aura. It can change over time.

Primary spirit guide: spirit who guides you and has always being around you. Generally the first to talk during a reading. They generally stay for life.

Secondary aura color: another color in your aura that is not as dominant. It can change over time or be more than one. It can potentially become a primary color.

Secondary spirit guide: spirit who guides you temporarily.

Soul braid: aspect of you that enters into your body (besides your human aspect).

Soul contract: a contract made between souls before incarnating.

Soul family: a group of souls who have been supporting you and who have reincarnated with you many times. They are a vortex of consciousness you are all a part of, that usually manifests with similar purposes , missions as well as lessons.

Soulmate: a soul whom you are a perfect vibration match to, and who holds a likeness to your souls purpose and when united will provide a feeling of being complete.  

Soul origin: the first incarnation of a soul.


Source aspect: an aspect of your soul.

Spirit guide: spirit who guides you and is around you.

Split self: the contradictory aspects of a fragment split off from each other and opposing see above to understand fragmentation .

Starseed: soul who acknowledges their other origins, lives and aspects from different star systems, planets, and dimensional levels of existence.


Source: the best way to describe it on a level of human understanding is the oneness of all that is, however if source is everything that is and nothing at the same time truly any description gives an identity and individuality to source, which is inaccurate as source cannot be defined.


Walk-in: when an aspect of you leaves your body and another walks inside of it.

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