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This is a 7 Chakra Themed Hypnosis And Guided Shamanic Journeying CD. 

1. Crown Chakra and Third Eye Hypnosis Activation

Ashen uses her own experience with Clairvoyance to take you into a Psychic activation of the Third Eye and her connection to the Crown Chakra to help connect you to the universe. 

2. Throat Chakra Hypnosis Activation

This guided Hypnosis activates the; Throat Chakra,  working through shadows about being silenced and opening up to your truest authentic expression. You will be guided on an excursion with an animal totem leading the way into your Throat Chakra Healing Chamber.

3. Heart space Activation 

This Hypnosis is all about activation of your Heart Chakra and connecting you straight to your heart space. Awaken to your heart with ancient techniques to remember who you are in connection to all that is.

4. Solar Plexus Hypnosis Activation 

This journey focuses on rewritting your shadow about disempowerment and reowning your truest empowered embodied version of self to activate and open your Solar Plexus. 

5. Shame Body Shamanic Journey

 Rewritting shame shadows locked in the Sacral Chakra to integrate. 

6.  Sacral Chakra Hypnosis 

This Guided Hypnosis takes you into a healthy Sacral Chakra so you may attune to its frequency and helps you to Activate your own Chakra centre. 

7. Root Chakra Shamanic Journeying 

This journey Is imbued with Soul retrivel technology and is a Shadow Work tool for integration of the Root Chakra,


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